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We worked out a deal with the guys over at Happy Themes

“HappyThemes is a group of talented WordPress designers and experts. Our team have been making WordPress Themes since 2009 and tens of tousands of customers have already chosen us.”

They produce themes that are fast loading, SEO friendly, mobile responsive, and they look great. You can find a theme for any type of site you’re looking to create.

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I’m going to tell you about a free plugin called Image Attributes Pro that can be found in the WordPress repository.

This plugin will easily allow you to optimize the images you display on your site for SEO purposes.

If you combine this plugin alongside an image compression plugin such as WP Smush not only will you have optimized images using Image Attributes Pro, but your page will load a little faster as well because the image file size is reduced by WP Smush.

Both good things when it comes to SEO…

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Anytime you can do something without installing additional WordPress plugins on your site, do it.

WordPress has several “screen options” built-in that can replace the functionality of some plugins.

For instance, if you want to remove admin dashboard widgets from appearing when you login (this will help declutter your dashboard) you could download and use Remove WP Dashboard Extra Widgets By WPCouple from the WordPress repository or you could just use “screen options”.

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Ok, this is something that I want everyone to download right now (it’s free and you don’t have to optin or anything).

This reference guide will give you powerful call-to-actions that you can use throughout your marketing.

These are perfect for emails, sales copy, videos, or anything else.

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Most people reading this post will be somewhat familiar with Neil Patel. The guy is all over the place…

Neil Patel is a New York Times best selling author. He is the co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar and he helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web.

On his Quick Sprout blog he does something interesting with a banner that he displays in the sidebar area on his site.

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Here’s the disclaimer I use in all my products related to the IM or “make money online” niche. Of course, it can be used as a template or modified for any niche/industry.

Feel free to swipe it and use it…

I included a .zip file at the bottom where you can download a Word Document and .txt file version of this:

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Of course, one of the easiest ways to prevent people from filing PayPal disputes is by not selling garbage that doesn’t work and cause people to file disputes.

Outside of that, PayPal disputes happen and they happen for a variety of different reasons.

From my experience in the digital product space there’s 2 main reasons people file disputes (not including serial refunders just trying to get over on you):

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