Reducing PayPal Disputes By Using A Customer Service Message

Of course, one of the easiest ways to prevent people from filing PayPal disputes is by not selling garbage that doesn’t work and cause people to file disputes.

Outside of that, PayPal disputes happen and they happen for a variety of different reasons.

From my experience in the digital product space there’s 2 main reasons people file disputes (not including serial refunders just trying to get over on you):

  1. They are afraid that if they ask for a refund you won’t give it to them.
  2. They may have submitted a support request and never heard back.

Creating a Customer Service Message in PayPal will prevent most people from filing a dispute because your message will appear before they proceed with the filing.

I’m going to do two things in this post, show you how to create a Customer Service message and then I’ll post mine below that so you can swipe it and use it if you want.

Creating a Customer Service Message In PayPal

After logging into your PayPal account, in the top menu bar click on the “More” option. A dropdown will appear, click on “Sitemap”, then click on “Change business info”:

On the next page, click on “My Selling Tools” then scroll down until you see the option “Customer service message” across from the, click the “Update”‘ link:

Next, you will be taken to a screen where you enter in your message title, logo (optional), and then a body of text that becomes the Customer Service Message:

After that’s done, click the save button at the bottom and you’re good to go.

Below, I’m going to post my Customer Service Message, feel free to swipe it:

This message has been responsible for preventing many PayPal disputes over the years.

Although you may read this and it may seem like it’s  a little “strong” or I come off like a prick, you need a strong message in order to prevent disputes. So it’s out of necessity.

There’s a limit of 50 characters for the message headline and 1000 for the message body.

Swipe this:

For the message headline:

IMPORTANT: Please Read The Message Below:

For the message body:

Please contact our help desk for refund or support requests –

Filing a dispute as a means of “getting our attention” will not be tolerated.

We strive to provide a high level of customer support and always honor our money back guarantee. I assure you, your issue will be addressed.

We may have never received your support request.

All emails and support requests are answered in the order they were received so if you sent us an email or support request recently, we may have not gotten to it yet but we will.

Invalid email address are some of the common issues we encounter when trying to correspond with our customers.

Try re-sending your refund or support request.

We challenge all disputes. If you proceed with this dispute, your refund will be delayed by up to 30 days. No exceptions.

Like I stated earlier, we honor our money back guarantee. All you need to do is ask through our help desk.

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