The WordPress Theme Ryan Deiss Uses On All Of His Niche Sites

Although this post may seem pretty random, it’s a question that someone asked me on Facebook.

So I thought, might as well post the answer here on our blog just in case anyone else is curious.

Ryan runs a wide variety of niches sites in different markets and all of them look similar.

They all use the same WordPress theme (at least all the niche sites I know about)

Below are examples of just 3 of them:

The WordPress theme he uses is called Daily Dish. It’s by StudioPress and uses the Genesis Framework.

If you love the look of his site’s and want to be like Ryan, fork over the $100 and get a copy of the framework + Daily Dash theme.

Genesis is a really solid framework that’s used by thousands of people and you can do a bunch of different things with it.

Daily Dish is just one of 40+ themes you can use to sit on top of the Genesis framework that has been developed by StudioPress.

Might as well throw this out there as well about Ryan’s sites…

If you like the style of the fixed sidebar that follows you down the whole page, one of the plugins he uses on his sites is called Theia Sticky Sidebar for WordPress. You can buy it on CodeCanyon for $24 (single site license).

You can do the exact same thing on your site for free using the W2W3 Widget from the WordPress repository.

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