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Both Mark and Michael are two of the most professional and knowledgeable IM marketers/developers in the Internet Marketing space. They are a pleasure deal and work with. Their products are superb...even more than superb...just absolutely AWESOME and always priced right where they need to be. The value they provide is exceptional and always give more than necessary. Support is phenomenal...always timely and questions answered fully to my satisfaction. I do not believe I have ever had quicker and accurate turnaround on a support question. I trust these guys explicitly and always look forward to their next product since it always provides a solution to some problem or challenge in the Internet marketing space.

Robert Githens

IM INCOME LAB with the dynamic duo of Mark Hess and Michael Thomas provide the best internet marketing tools that surpasses in quality and usefulness of all the shiny object tools out there today. Their products are simple to use and address needed tasks to enhance any web site developer or online entrepreneur's efforts. But these dudes do not stop there, the promptness and thoroughness of there customer support is impeccable. It is impressive when you can have IM INCOME LAB support log into your Word Press account (after giving them permission of course) and provide troubleshooting support the likes of which major companies pay thousands per month for. I am truly impressed and inspired to press on to try to make some coin online. Thanks Guys!

Peter Williams
G Cube Media

Michael Thomas & Mark Hess are the best Premium WordPress Plugin Developers out there. They develop simple to use, but powerful solutions for the internet marketing community. I use at least 5 of their plugins on every one of my sites. Their customer support is top notch and they actually take the time to listen to plugin and feature suggestions. I love how they come to market with simple sales pages that explain the plugin in less than 5 minutes and they offer unique bonuses on other people launches of high quality products. Join their Facebook Group and buy their plugins, both will add value to your business.

Jeff Baer
DFY Digital

I've been hearing the hype behind IM Income Lab for a while now but only recently have had the privilege to work with both Mark & Mike. If you ever get the opportunity— drop what your doing and pay attention! With their help, we took an average product launch, expected to do decent numbers, to a complete knock-it-out-of-the-park home run! There are NO shortcuts to gain the knowledge and wisdom that these guys bring to the table. You have to put in the time to become elite and that's exactly what they are.

Nick Ponte
Offline Sharks

I'd like to Thank Mark and Michael for all their wonderful products. For me I used to find when I was trying to find a useful tool that there was a lot of wading around in muck. Not Anymore, I found Mark and Michael and it's the first time in a long time that I actually trust whatever they recommend, whether it's their own product or not, it's going to make my life easier and who doesn't want that?

Ramari Tauroa-Tibble
You Can Paint

Mark Hess and Michael Thomas are two of the most respectable marketers I have ever dealt with. Their honesty and integrity are above reproach. I cannot say enough good things about these guys. Their products are top-quality and their customer service is fantastic. Rarely do I purchase anything from anyone unless I run it by Mark first. I've developed a 'Mark Hess-approved' policy for my purchases. Mark and Michael are super helpful, really nice guys. I would not hesitate to recommend them or their products.

Teresa Beeman
Teresa Beeman Website

The products provided by IM Income Lab are simply fantastic. They are each designed to do one thing, and do it well. By having each product focus on a single task, they are fast, very easy to use and don't get in your way. All too often creators think they have to include everything in one product and end up with a complicated mess. Not so with IM Income Lab. I cannot recommend their product highly enough. It's no point in having great products if your support doesn't match up. IM Income Lab support is fast, friendly and knowledgeable. You can tell they actually read and understand your support ticket, rather than running from a script designed to satisfy a fast response time promise.

Steven Spiller
Steven Spiller Website

Mark Hess and Michael Thomas are probably two of the most helpful, genuine, value orientated Internet Marketers you can find online. Their mission is to create success... for YOU! If you want a near guarantee to online success, you have just found it! But how am I so sure of this? Easy! They are an instrumental piece to my online success. A secret that I have long kept... until now! To your success, Steven Banks

Steven Banks
Broke To Banks

Hi, it's Eddie here . Mark & Michael from IM Income LAB have brought us useful recommendations softwre and tremendious after sales support in the shortest replied . Every WordPress Plugin is useful and practical in the IM field and there is no fluff or B.S. kind of stuff like offering bunch of junks if buying through their links like others seasons marketeers . I can assure you , Mark has been so transparent in every product he is about to recommend and the review page he will definitely having a video to explains how the added advantage on the software we will get when buying through IM Income LAB . I am so confidence and assure on their professionalism and expertise in this IM fields . Thanks Mark & Michael .

Eddie H.

I own 3 of Mark and Michael's products. Each product does exactly what they're supposed to do flawlessly. When I purchased Speed Rewriter I messed up and opened up a new account, so I ended up having 2. I contacted Mark and he fixed the problem in ten minutes of me submitting the support ticket. Talk about customer service! Mark is one of the few marketers that always stands behind his products. One last thing, I do local marketing mostly and Legal Suite Pro has made me thousands of dollars! Thanks Mark, You run an outstanding and honest company.

Thomas Manuli
Tom Kat Media

I’ve bought several products from the guy’s at IMIncome Lab and they all work. Very affordable practical solutions. The support is prompt (not 48-72hrs) and, in my experience over delivered! They add value to my business and their products save me time and money.

Steve Harrison
Steve Harrison Marketing

What impresses me the most about these guys is the thought that goes into their products. Their products solve real problems. There are no gimmicks, no fluff, no filler. They create simple, easy to install and use products that make my life easier, save time and boost my productivity.

John Taylor
Motor Home Life

A+++ Amazing plugins great support. Love what you guys are bringing.


Over the last year or so, I have purchased several products from Mark and Michael. There are lots of sources for various tools on the internet. If you want to look hard enough, you can find an alternative to almost anything. So, then it comes down to who will service their product the best. In this sense, there are very few that provide the level of service to their customers that these guys do. They are absolutely top-notch and I can't say enough about my positive experiences with them.

Not only do Mark and Michael's products and affiliate bonuses meet practical needs (as opposed to simply being not-really-needed replications), but in my actual experience, they go that one extra step in their customer service, even when they don't have to.

Dana K Cassell
Writers-Editors Network

IM Income Lab (Michael Thomas and Mark Hess) produce high quality products that work very well and actually serve a purpose. I know I can trust their products to do what they say they do, and that they will provide top-notch support if an issue arises. Highly recommended!

You guys have awesome products and always backup the products you make. You have earned trust which is hard to do in this industry. I will definitely purchase products from you in the future and continue to support you.

Jeremy Grates
New Trends Computing

These guys deliver, and at a very reasonable price! The Hess/Thomas dynamic duo are my go-to guys for WP plug-ins and other tools related, but not limited to the I.M. sphere. Friends in the know suggested this team and I'm glad they did--great products which concentrate on needed solutions to common, often overlook problems. All this, not to mention support which rivals the "big guys". Top-tier solutions for the serious site owner; give them a chance, you will be glad you did.

Carlo Johnson

I bought from Mark and Michael at IM Income Lab because they came across as sensible people who put forward products that have a real world use rather than sit on your hard drive and get lost. In the videos they put out about products, they give you concise facts about their promotion and they have alerts and discussion in their Facebook Group. Sometimes you need to ask questions and share an understanding of a product before committing to it, and I have appreciated the opportunity to do this in an open and friendly way in their FB Group. As an example, one affiliate product they were promoting had a sales page that did not properly explain what you could do with it to use it to advantage in your everyday dealings, and I was doubtful about it, but getting involved in discussion in the FB Group presented me with options I had not understood from the vendors' sales presentation, plus some other light bulb moments I had about the product myself. All of this was of great value to me in making sure I got in on techniques with a software tool that should provide multiple benefits to me on an ongoing basis. Their own products are down-to-earth beneficial tools at advantageous prices. All in all, I am very glad to have discovered IM Income Lab from Mark and Michael. Thank you guys! I look forward to the next great deal.

David Webb

I love your product guys, And thanks for the amazing support.

Saul Maraney
Saul Maraney

There are very few people in the IM field that I can say I really trust to put out their own high quality products and thoroughly investigate and only promote good products from other vendors. Mark and Mike feature very high on this very short list. The support you recieve as a customer is outstanding. They business model is one that many people can learn from. I love the fact that any product I have purchased is in one place and not locked away behind multiple membership sites. Well done guys keep those products coming. John

John Webber

I had an issue getting one of your plugins to work. I submitted a ticket which was answered directly by Michael Thomas. To cut a long story short, after asking my permission, he logged into my WordPress site and after some investigation tracked the issue to the version of PHP my host was running. He then fixed my installation and issued an update for the plugin in case any other users were affected. Customer support from you guys is second to none and it goes without saying your products (and bonuses) are all excellent. I am a very happy IM Income Lab customer. Five stars from me!

Paul Carr
Pauls Pages

Mark and Michael, There are a lot of people in this space telling us that they are here to help. They know how tough it is, they remember back in the day.....blah blah blah. Usually with an affiliate link in the email! Not with Mark and Michael, they are the real deal. They build useful products that actually address an issue, not some theoretical or non existent need. On the rare occasion support is needed they are second to none.

Jim Redmond
My Ebook Club

I love their plugins. They fill a gap in the market and always seem to be just what my website needs! Mark and Michael are pros in the industry and are generous with support and training. I know I can trust what they sell and recommend. Cheers!

Sylvie Moncion
Tech For Life News